Robert Wolfe

Profile Updated: August 19, 2020
Robert Wolfe
Residing In: Mantua, OH USA
Spouse/Partner: Ina Grove De Wolfe
Occupation: Retired
Children: Jonathon July 15, 1979
Military Service: Army  
Yes! Attending Reunion

I got up this morning.
Tis a day like the rest.
Sunny or rainy each day is the best.
Just the fact I awake,
each bright early morn.
Lightens my heart,
and puts me in good form
It'??s not like my life's empty
with nothing to do.
So the weather don'??t matter.
Let me give you that clue.
I work inside if rainy,
and outside if bright.
It is only deep cold.
That can get me up tight.
Summer is here.
Iâ?'m so happy you see.
I strut around, In jeans and a "??T"??
I ride my scooter where ever I go.
I don'??t need my car.
If it's warm out you know.
So my life is now
Quite full of grace
I have my health
and my own little place
I grow most of my food.
I know how to cook.
Maybe some day
they'??ll put my words in a book
What more can one ask for
in this world which we live?
Other than when
will we all learn how to give.
Rew 7/7/04

School Story:

Currently Living in Santiago, Chile but will be back in Florida in a couple of months then back to Ohio. When in the states I live in a motorhome so it is hard to say where I really live. We are thinking about spending some time in Spain and Italy while we are still young enough.
Currently Living in Santiago, Chile once more but will be back in Florida in a couple of months then back to Ohio again.
2020, I have moved my residency to Florida but still maintaining a home in Ohio and Chile.

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When I was young
In days long gone 
Life was fast
So filled with fun
No restraints
No cares no woos.
Now full of scars
My body shows
Now for the thrill
Of those younger days
With hurt and pain 
My body pays
Yet for all I had 
I would not give
What suffering 
I now must live
For life can’t offer 
This much pain
If you never once 
Danced in the rain
If you never gazed 
From a mountain peak
Or swam with creatures 
In the sea so deep
So enjoy your life
Have some fun
You have only

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Posted on: Oct 26, 2018 at 9:40 AM

Yesterday while having breakfast at a Waffel House by the VA hospital in Lake City Fl. after my appointment, I met a man named Tim Emeis. He said he went to Brush and graduated in 65. I can't find him in the profiles, do you remember him? He indicated he lived by Ford and Ridgeberry and also went to Memorial.

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Robert Wolfe has a birthday today.
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Jan 13, 2017 at 12:48 AM

Our blue marble

Our blue marble
The planet Earth
Alive but dieing fast
All the things we do
To solve our greed
But will our planet last
Time will come
When no one’s left
To plant another seed
But it won’t matter
In the end
There will be no one to feed
Too many here
Will always feel
There will be one more tomorrow
and they can take
What ere they want
After all
they just borrow.
Can they not see this empire
That from every one they stole
Can not be taken with them
If the truth be told
And all the damage they have done
With their insanity for gold
Will be taken by another
And for his greed be sold.
Rew 2/22/15

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Apr 26, 2016 at 9:43 PM

She calls to my senses
My head swims in her song
I am lost in her music
Her pull is so strong.
Her spell has entrapped me
She is stealing my heart
I stay here in silence
As she weaves her dark art.
She captures my mind
with her words as she sings
She tells of the pleasure
Her warm body brings.
The softness the firmness
the sent of her sweat.
She knows I'll fall pray.
She has already bet.
She does not really love me
It's her form of abuse.
For the way that she lures me
she has no excuse.
She knows nature calls to me
she's sure of her craft.
She knows at her magic
she is rarely surpassed
No one escapes her
she's deadly and sure.
For the song she will sing to you
There is not a cure
She's lovely she's crafty
You best run while you can,
or your life will be over
long before it began.
Rew 6/23/04

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Mar 04, 2016 at 11:26 AM

Tom I remember when Bob Kosinski Lived in the last house on the right on Winchester just passed Summit. We used to spend a lot of time in the woods back where all those roads were built and watched as our playgrounds were forfited to new homes but I never knew that curcle had a pet name

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May 17, 2015 at 1:54 PM
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Apr 14, 2015 at 4:44 PM

Night Ride
What a gorgeous night to ride, 
the temperature’s just right. 
Jeans an "T" and a leather vest, 
are quite suitable tonight. 
I walk out, get on my bike. 
Turn the key; switch on headlight. 
Push the button; start her up. 
Set aside my coffee cup. 
Sitting on my steed of steel. 
The road ahead has much appeal. 
The air feels good as I ride out. 
Great night to ride without a doubt. 
Twisting on my throttle grip, 
into traffic now I slip. 
My headlight shines on lines of white. 
This road, this bike, both feel so right. 
Accelerating past some cars, 
stopping at some smaller bars. 
Grab a burger and some fries. 
Lets move on my buddy cries. 
So many places I've not seen. 
Come on lets ride! 
Know what I mean? 
We've turns to make and, roads to cross, 
Lets keep ridding until we're lost. 
We keep on riding through the night, 
Much to soon comes morning's light. 
Our eyes now heavy needing sleep. 
The highways call will for now keep. 
Rew 2/9/04 

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Apr 12, 2015 at 8:58 PM

I Crossed the World

I crossed the world for glory
I sailed the seas for love
I knew not where I was going
Or who I was thinking of

I took off on every plain I could
I sailed on every boat
I knew not what you looked like
I had no picture I could tote

I wandered through the desserts
Climbed the mountains high
I looked out from every single peek
But all I saw was sky

Finally in a city
One I felt unique
At last I saw a woman
The one I am sure I seek

When we finally touched my sweet
That is when I knew
I crossed the world my darling
I crossed it to find you
Rew 12 /11/13

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Apr 12, 2015 at 8:52 PM

Heart full of Scars
The heart is caged,
Behind so many bony bars.
Yet still it can be cut and slashed,
then left so full of scars.
We all have our turn left bleeding,
Our souls pouring on the floor.
As the one we loved so much,
passes through our door.
The tears go rolling down our face,
Dripping off our chin.
Every thought inside our head,
Saying it’s the end.
The joy in life forever gone,
How can love be again?
Is there anybody anywhere,
Who has a heart to lend?
Every time I show it,
it gets another burn.
Why do I refuse to see,
Why is it I can’t learn?
Lost upon these desolate shores,
I forever sail alone.
A very very lonely soul,
a heart that knows no home.
A tall and raging water fall,
Seething emotions foam.
Not a single drop of love,
Can to my heart be shone.
As the emotion we most live for,
Strains through endless sands,
A sun that lights our sky above,
Departs for distant lands.
I’m now left standing by myself,
a lonely broken man.
Giving love to someone else,
I no longer think I can.
My heart broken to many times,
Now lost forever more.
A sweet old man that lives alone,
A bachelor to the core.
Copyright ©2007 Rew

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Posted on: Apr 11, 2015 at 8:32 AM

Mistakes I Made

The mistakes I made when I was young.
I still make yet today
Though they may not be quite the same
I’m still trying to find my way
Lost upon these dusty roads
Through so many twists and bends
I know somewhere up ahead
This road surely ends
If I am not ready
If it catches my surprise
No one ever told me
What was over that next rise
For surely there is no road map
To show which turns to take
And directions are not something
You can find a way to fake
At each intersection
You must choose which way to go
And there isn’t really any way
That anyone can show
So you must plod along this path
That no one ever knows
So you can finally find it’s end
And see just where it goes.

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Apr 10, 2015 at 3:49 PM

How did the Sun Rise

How did the sun rise
Early each morn
I can not figure it out
My thoughts are so torn
How did the stars shine
in the sky every night
Before you were here
To make them twinkle so bright.
How did a smile brighten a heart
When you were not here
To set it far apart
As I think of you
and dream of the moon
To hold you in my arms
can not be to soon
Deep in my soul
you have been the spark
That lights up the fire
that heats up my heart
These embers keep burning
to warm up my days
For your sole has music
Which in my head plays
It pulls on my heart strings
It clings to my love
It makes you the one thing
I keep dreaming of

Rew 2/11/2015

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Posted on: Apr 09, 2015 at 3:54 PM


When you fill your heart with darkness
You fill your life with spite
When you’re walking down that tunnel
And your heart can see no light
You hold on to not but hatred
Fill your soul with bitter tea
When hatred fills your eyes so full
You can no longer see.
You become a burnt out cinder
A crumb of what could be
And you are doomed to live your life
In hate and misery
A soul that no one cares for
Nobody wants around
A wall grows up about you
Where poison spikes abound
Your mind becomes a closet
That only night can find
All the joy you knew in life
You now leave far behind
It is a desperate journey
Down this lonely path
Where happiness is gone forever
Leaving you with only wrath
Rew 3/20/15

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That is me on the right 1967 Cam Rahn Bay
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Posted: Mar 11, 2015 at 10:34 PM
That is me on the right 1967 Cam Rahn Bay